Day 1

The moment your reality became knowledge,

Is the moment we all fell in love

That moment changed many lives.

You are a blessing

Even without your beautiful smile

Beautiful eyes

You opened your eyes

And brought to life

A different world

And we all journey with you

Around the sun

In your reality

As well as protecting you

From less pleasant realities

You are that love

That one cannot and could not

Express in neither words nor actions

Here you are

The joy of all our hearts

And your journey is only just beginning

Happy birthday Asier B.

Love from aunty Dee and uncle Dece

By dasouda

I don’t want to

How much do you listen to

Your little murmurs

As you finally fall


I don’t want to

But I do

I listen as you exhausted limbs

Finally relax

And give in

To the temptation

Of rest

And you go under

I listen as your

Overworked brain

Slows down

As an unwound clock

And your pace tempers

To an almost full stop

I even watch your chest

Rising as waves

Of the Caribbean Blue

And crashing as same

I must

Though I don’t want to

I don’t want to

But I must

Because my love

You are all I have

And my heart

Holds on to yours

I don’t want to

Yet I will

Since the forces

Are too great

I am unable to resist

Its influence

I will watch

As you sleep

After a long grueling day

Of preparing

The foundation

For our future

I don’t want to

But I do

Because I am grateful

For you

For your sacrifices

For your love

By dasouda

White Walker

out of the mist

of a cold

lonely time

just like the mystic

white walker

you came

and stole my pain

I was so focused

on how blue

and dark


and deserted

my world was

there was no


no light

no joy

no warmth

no peace

just torment

and I

so evasive

so enigmatic

was no easy


but there you


and like a tree

there you


once you entered

full of need

to dominate

my entire world

casting light

on my


giving life

to my

forgotten wishes

and deciding

comes what may

I am now

your territory

to settle

to protect

to nurture

and so

you have

and so

you continue to

and here I am

o white walker

giving you

full reigns

of this state


to the roads

and tracks

and alleys

it is all yours

to seek

to discover

to take



By dasouda

Birthday Expression 1.0

For what gift have I received that means more?

For what moment have I shared that amounts to more?

You are my person

You are my king

You are my God’s given

You are my everything

We will gain

We will lose

We will experience

We will choose


But we will have each other

You are my gift

Any other gift

Is just a plus

I love you

I wish there was more

I could do

Or say

But for now,

My love

Happy birthday 😘


By dasouda

Birthday Words

Another year.

So much has happened

Plenteous and continuous

How can you count your blessings

You truly can’t

But if you could

It would be like the stars

Promised to Abraham

Shining as a beacon of hope

Reminding us like Noah’s rainbow

God’s words never go void

What He says

He does

No buts, no ifs, no maybes

And He did promise

No abandonment

Provision for all needs

According to His riches

So what’s next?

You may ask that




For TBW 12.06.18

By dasouda

Frozen Still

Memories in the corner

Of my mind

Of the way we were

Of the things we did

Of how we weathered our storms

Of the course we took

Of how our story went down

Memories of how we smiled

Of how we lied through our teeth

Saying we were fine with goodbye

Of how we left the queries unanswered

Of how we erased our life together

Or so we tried

But in the corners of my mind

Frozen still, unmoved

And unmovable

Is the way we were

The how we were

Iced away

Not going away

Staring me down

Like a cold hearted

Broken hearted being

By dasouda


There are these scars

That I carry

Like a limb

Although they are from so far

In my past

And it seemed like forever

Before I could lay them down

I waited, desperately

For my present to be pleasant

For my days to have sunshines

For my heart not to hurt

For my mind not to be so…


I felt tortured

And tormented and perplexed


The pain seeped through my pores

The hurt poured through my veins

And I, burdened

Hoped for my life to change

I needed a renewal

I was nervous

But as I hoped

I waited

Tired, of being so


Peace joy love

Finally got a hold of me

I was at the edge

In need of saving

Now I am lifted

A hand reached out

In my darkness

And tugged

At the strings of my heart

Taking me to a new high

I’ve leveled up

After being down for so long

No longer am I weighted

By dasouda

Every Night

I once wished I was perfect
From this I’ve recovered nicely
Now that I have you
Now that you have me
Perfection is not even an issue
Not even a thought crossing minds
When we talk
When we listen
When we make plans
Every night

We are both shy, self-conscious
We hardly remember that
When it’s just us
When all we see are each other
There’s no point
Not an inkling of reason why
When we chat
When we giggle
When we hope for tomorrow
Every night

You may have thought of me
As farfetched
And I you, likewise
Look at us now though
Like star-crossed lovers
Cliche Bonnie and Clyde
We have us
That’s enough
For us both to fall asleep with
Every night

By dasouda

Deep Blue Love

If it’s dying for love

I was dying

If it’s drowning in love

I am drowning

From one extreme

To the other

At first neglected

Now smothered

Inclined to want

All the beauty

I found someone

Who needs me

He takes care

Of my every need

But I’m sure

All this love

Will eventually

Kill me

I got so use to

Being an afterthought

It’s hard now

To adjust

So I am always waiting

For the day

When his true bad self

Will be revealed

Yet he keeps

Drowning me

In love potions

It felt like a sea

Now an ocean

I’m lost in this vast

Real fantasy

This man has gotten

The best of me

I watch out for signs

That he’s changing

Or that the love

He shows

Is pretend

But all I get

Are varieties of

The same thing

He loves me

Over and over again

I prayed for

One like this

Not believing miracles

Could still come true

Not knowing these kinds

Still exist

But then he came

Out of the blue

Who knew this would

Happen to me?

Who knew love would finally

Find me?

I sure didn’t 

I’m still unsure

I hope it really has

But reiterating 

Once, twice, thrice

Each time as I resurface

Each gasp for air I’m allowed 

I am driving myself mad 

With uncertainty 

With wonder

Where did I get on?

Where will this boat dock?

I’m hanging on

For dear life

For more than that

For eternity 

Because after this

However short or long

After this is the afterlife

This is forever for me

My forever is now

I am blue daba dee daba da

And I am drowning 

Save me from myself 

A drop of him 

And I fell fast

A drop from him 

And I am stuck

Riveted in this spot

Drowning in love

Unable to swim out

No shore in sight

Not sure what I would find

Out there 

If I was to leave here

Go? Where?

I’m certain He sent him

For me 

So I could stop breathing so hard

So I could stop reinforcing my guard

So I could just be still and know

This is what heavy duty love feels like

On a grander scale




I’m now down under

This overflow.

By dasouda

Not the easiest for you

For you
I’m not the easiest
Book to read,
I have torn,
And missing pages
And even those
That are left
Have illegible
And unfinished

For you
I’m not the easiest
Way to travel
There are
Too many opportunities
For accidents
And endless
To get lost
In my eyes
Or maybe
In my messy ways

For you
I’m not the simplest
Choice to pick
As a matter of fact
I may be
The least favorite
Because with this choice
Comes the option
Of losing
Your heart
Your mind
Your everything

For you
I’m not the simplest
Being to figure out
As a matter of fact
I may be
The most mind boggling
I’ve got details
That are puzzling
I’ve got questionable
Time lines
And evidence of
Being crazy and cruel

For you
I’m not the kindest
Or so I may seem
But I have the kindest
Of intentions
And my unkindness
Is part
Of my armour
Built over years
Of life experiences
Facing loss
And hurt

So I’m not the simplest
One to comprehend
Not the easiest
Heart to enter
Nor will my words
Always be the kindest
But know this
I love deeply
I never let go
And even when
I am my meanest
And in my ugliest state
My love is still strongest
For you

By dasouda