Deep Blue Love

If it’s dying for love

I was dying

If it’s drowning in love

I am drowning

From one extreme

To the other

At first neglected

Now smothered

Inclined to want

All the beauty

I found someone

Who needs me

He takes care

Of my every need

But I’m sure

All this love

Will eventually

Kill me

I got so use to

Being an afterthought

It’s hard now

To adjust

So I am always waiting

For the day

When his true bad self

Will be revealed

Yet he keeps

Drowning me

In love potions

It felt like a sea

Now an ocean

I’m lost in this vast

Real fantasy

This man has gotten

The best of me

I watch out for signs

That he’s changing

Or that the love

He shows

Is pretend

But all I get

Are varieties of

The same thing

He loves me

Over and over again

I prayed for

One like this

Not believing miracles

Could still come true

Not knowing these kinds

Still exist

But then he came

Out of the blue

Who knew this would

Happen to me?

Who knew love would finally

Find me?

I sure didn’t 

I’m still unsure

I hope it really has

But reiterating 

Once, twice, thrice

Each time as I resurface

Each gasp for air I’m allowed 

I am driving myself mad 

With uncertainty 

With wonder

Where did I get on?

Where will this boat dock?

I’m hanging on

For dear life

For more than that

For eternity 

Because after this

However short or long

After this is the afterlife

This is forever for me

My forever is now

I am blue daba dee daba da

And I am drowning 

Save me from myself 

A drop of him 

And I fell fast

A drop from him 

And I am stuck

Riveted in this spot

Drowning in love

Unable to swim out

No shore in sight

Not sure what I would find

Out there 

If I was to leave here

Go? Where?

I’m certain He sent him

For me 

So I could stop breathing so hard

So I could stop reinforcing my guard

So I could just be still and know

This is what heavy duty love feels like

On a grander scale




I’m now down under

This overflow.

By dasouda