No Breakage

No Breakage

No breakage
No fix
You’re who
You’re with
Patience climbs
Resistant walls
Love cushions
Unfaithful falls
Trust nurtures
The cynical youth
Helps him grow
To see the truth
If it’s bad
There is good out there
And if it’s good
Better must exist somewhere
In time
We’ll hate what we have
If it’s less
Than wants or “hads”
But if it’s love
There is a cure touch
And if what you have
Isn’t broken
That touch is enough

By dasouda

I just wanna

No reason at all

No reason in this world

I just wanna

I want to be his girl

Not booty call

Maybe beck and call

Maybe a bit more

Surely his all

No true reason

Not a chance to rationalize this

I just wanna

I want to be his

His motivator

And his activator

Surely some form of stimulation

His only, his one

No reason

Or maybe it is every

All I know is

I just wanna

I want to be his person

His snake charmer

His bed warmer

His shapeshifter

If that’s what he wants


I know who I want

Unsure why

Maybe I just wanna


By dasouda




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By dasouda

I didn’t know

I didn't know

There were days I was convinced I knew the outcome of this story
Of what would happen next
Of how we’d progress
Not a day had passed that could phase my confidence
But then it happened
He defiled my trust
He didn’t cheat,
As far as I know
But then again… I may never know
So all my efforts we put on pause
They say joy rises slowly, like sunrise, a smile
And sorrow flows and falls, like the rain, tears
Patiently I waited,
I instilled patience, within my impatient self
Just to keep in within my grasp
But that too, was a redundant task
He was gone
Business closed, shutters gone down
Without a word
Without a hint
Not a clue, nothing from him
I never know
I did not know
What losing felt like
Losing the interest of my sole interest
Has surely left me depressed
Like a “dry spell” or a “writer’s block”
I am like the opposite of myself
a “me-not”
I surely hope he knows what he has done
I wish him luck
I wish him love
I sure wish this was not the outcome
I’ve lost the love
And now I know

By dasouda


Discarded like paper,


Not even recycled

Or maybe just that


All but refused

Left for days unattended to

Then just like that, reused


In the worst way possible

Unfit for show

Maybe even incompatible

Yet serving a purpose

So still playing a part

Neglected for now

Until I’m what he wants

Tossed in a corner

Like dirty old rags

Swept out instead of away

Packed with the bags

Stored in the basement

Of his skyscraper life

Good enough to get down

Not enough to be wife

Fun bag, air head

Or maybe the head’s wet

Anyway you take it

What he wants, he gets

Overlooked in decisions

Affecting me always

Left out like an outcast

Rejected in many ways

Surprised I can stand

I’m all on my own


Left out in the cold

By dasouda

Light Up

Light Up


I light up

Like Christmas

Or fireworks on New Year’s Eve

Every single time

That you come to mind

And when I hear your voice

My spirit’s elevated

Like climbing and free-falling


I light up

When you are around

You bring me light

You are my light

My lux in tenebris

You bring my soul joy

A pleasure so attractive

So convincing

I forget all other factors

I light up

And I heat up

When you touch me

When we get touchy

When we get to touching

I glow in the dark

Blue flame bright

I light up

Morning star

You light me up

Like a ciggy

Just for the puff

And it gives me

The sweetest pleasure

Being alight

I become so light

And as high as a kite

Lost in hills

On trees

So strangely light

Whenever you light me

I light up

By dasouda


Like a dalmatian

Full of spots

This life has brought me

Polka dots

Places I’ve been to

People I’ve been with

Things I’ve seen

The different me’s I’ve been

Marks and scars

Wounds and bruises

Bumps, pimples, freckles


All over mounds called breasts

And a plain called back

Like a zebra

Getting those stripes

I’ve had to learn

It burns to grow older


And like scars

The memories stay

As a living reminder

Each day

Just to make their marks

Just to hold their spots

Just to claim their territories

In my life

So from broken bones

To broken relationships

From great achievements

To major disappointments

From falling off track

To falling deeply in love

And from closing one chapter

To stepping out into another


Permanent polka dots

I truly embrace each one

Treat them like little persons

Amalgamating and metamorphosing

Into me

The complete person

Not the epitome

Not even close to home

But wearing these spots of mine

Never-the-less and all the time.

By dasouda

The Places We Go

The places we go

In our minds

Is a dream forced reality

And what we do

From time to time

Makes the time spent

All worth it,

A blue chapter

In a red life

The difference

My soul ached for

Reassuring me

For you are the one

Who picked my rose

My cherry

And my plum

I have surrendered

Searching no longer for difference

From that very moment

You found me here


That sweet, deep

Soul stirring infusion

That breaks a heart

With excess joy and love

O the places you have taken me

Those places

I’m yearning for still

Heart of hearts

Love so exhilarating

I’m bound, mind, body and soul

Yes, you have involuntarily

Tied me down

With sensual cords

I’m your prisoner now

And I am in serenity

At peace

At one with myself

And with you

The places we go

When we’re in love

I’ll go all these places with you 😉

By dasouda


After walking the plank

Living on the edge


Except for my one fear

Ready for it all

Trying the old and the new

Exploring all options

Except for that one option

Now I’m ready to write

The very chapter

That I held so dear

To sing the very song

I had feared to hear

The perspective is

No longer is it the walk of death

It’s no longer a risk

Just an opportunity

Of a lifetime

And surely

What burns my eyes

Isn’t the elements

Of a storm ahead

But tears of joy

Welling up inside

From being confined

For so long

Just waiting for

Unasked questions

To be answered

Comfort to be had

The perfect gift

And all the ingredients

Added by cosmic forces

Now I’m really loving

Like there’s no tomorrow

At one even while in pieces

I only imagined such beauty

I only dreamed of such love

Now this is my reality


And I am out of hiding

Wide open

To be hit by any curve ball

Yet I’m only struck

By cupid’s bow

And out of questions

Is all that I am

Now all I ask is

How long must I wait

Just to have my blood warmed

And my lips burnt

From the flames of the one

Who makes my life

A new life

On a boardwalk

Out to open seas

By dasouda