Pieces & Parts

You always leave

Pieces of your parts

With me

When you exit the stage

There’s always a part

Of you right here

And a part of me

Gone with you

I feel less of myself

After you and I untangle

Like I lose a screw

Or a few

During or after the screw

You leave

Or I do

And my skin

Seems less mine

I’m no longer

Ready to shake

What’s been on my mind

You go

And just like so

I’m a fraction

Of my known character

Loss for words

That went with the wind

Writer’s block,



We are together

And I am alive

The belle of the ball


But then you go

Just so you know

That piece of me

Goes too

And all who’s left

Are the parts of me

Without peace

The parts that long

For the day

I’ll truly own

Your heart.


By dasouda

Doing It Right

Maybe its a few minutes

Maybe all night

You can’t kill the mood

If you’re doing it right

The technique

Isn’t mechanics

Nor is it pure math

More art, less science

Some this and that

A twist

A raised leg

A bit more than a grind

Some bumping

Not-so-dry humping

Whatever it takes

To unwind

A full body check

From a well trained physician

Garments falling everywhere

Up next, an uncharted position

Knock, knock, 

Open up

And you climb right in

If ever it’s cold outside

It’s always warm within

Miles of skin to tend to

Miles and miles to explore

Arched backs



Enjoying doing things

We’ve done before



By dasouda

Black Book

Where will you take me?

And I you

On this promised journey

We have yet to plan


Will it be that place of coziness?

Of peace and rest

Where my soul

Will find solace

In and with another


Which mine will recognize

As much as itself

Where will we go?

Maybe so high

Above the clouds 

Above our cares

Above our deepest fears

Maybe away from here

From our secrets

Light or dark or heavy

As burdensome

As secrets can be

Because my soul

Like your soul

Has no flesh

Just spirit

So there is nothing to hide

Nothing to fear

And all will be revealed

It’ll be ok to look inside

I’ll call on you

And you on me

Just as it’s suppose to be

So we can arrive at that place

Where light meets dark

Our twilight

Where even frozen

We’re never motionless

And you’ll become acquainted 

With my beautiful mess


As I listen to your

Deafening silence

I’ll be your shadow

And carry you in my heart

On all adventures

On every journey

In every section

Of our hectic, over-elaborate






By dasouda