For All Seasons

For when times are cold

And I wish to be warm

Or just need someone

To bundle me up in his arms

To take his time

So we can both be better

To live, to grow,

To endure life’s weathers


For when its snowing

Until the ice melts into rain

Bringing more pleasure

Erasing the memories of our pain

I just want the one

Who’ll take on the role

Of enduring my avalanches

And flooding my soul


For when the days are warm

He’ll still have the power

To touch me once

To raise my body temperature

To have me ebbing and flowing

Tossing and turning

And when he’s not around

Wanting and yearning


For when life gets windy

And my mood swings

I’d want him right there

Going through everything

When the leaves change

And feelings fall

He’s going to be that one

My life, my all


A man for all seasons

A man for each and every day

A man I’d want to give my love

In each and every way




By dasouda