Crying for Mother

I bow my head

I cry

My mother has nothing to eat

My head hangs low

Tears rain down my face 

It’s been months since

I’ve been with my family

We shared a bed

The floor was dirt, mud

But I was happy still

Now we’re dispersed to survive

And I’m homesick, ill

I stoop to my knees

I can’t carry on, weak

Broken, disappointed and broke

Money and I playing hide-go-seek

I bow my head, I’m sad

We try, we pray, we trust Him

I bow my head, I cry

My mother suffers stillImage

By dasouda


I do not know where you go

When you leave me

But you go

Like you went

A few hours ago

We’ll be here

And like the wind

You just drift

And you’re gone

Without words

Without warning

Without any clue of intentions

I don’t know

But I know

It’s a painful road to walk

By yourself

Inside your head

So I’m here

If you decide you want to talk

I don’t know

Wish I did

But maybe it’s for my own peace

All I do know

Is my mind goes places

Seeing you drift off

Like this

Now you don’t know

What I’m thinking

But atleast I’ve given you a clue

This is what is on my mind

I am only thinking of you

Drifting off

Fading away

Wondering where to next

And the fact that I don’t know

Where you are

When you are

Here with me


By dasouda

Women and the Road Alike

The turns, the curves

That is a woman

Not just physique

But esteem

A real woman

Taking you where you need to

Sometimes leading you astray

It always takes a certain kind of woman

Rough patches

Due to hard times

Smooth surfaces

Well refined

Is it because of where she’s originated

Or where she’s currently located

Maybe a phase

Maybe in need of some care

Whatever it is

Wherever she goes

A woman is like a road

One track minds

Or split personalities

A lady in the streets

And something else

Whenever she needs

Or pleases

High or low

Rich or poor

Classy or a bit tacky

A woman will take you there


However the journey is

She carries you

And stays as your foundation

Even if she changes

From highway to foot paths

She stays, she endures

That’s how a real woman is

By dasouda

Art of Love


The art of love

My heart to you

I’ve given body and blood

Spirit too

The art of love

I hope you see

You have my all

You have all of me

The art of love

Takes only prisoners

This part of love

Is for both saints and sinners

The art of love

Slays the mortal man

And in his rebirth

Becomes the superhuman

The art of love

Makes the happiest mortified

When he realizes how much

Is to be sacrificed

The art of love

May not be lovely at times

As it breaks your heart

And makes you lose your mind

The art of love

Makes art so ugly, so beautiful

My heart, my love

Is of you and full

By dasouda


I’ve always wanted to experience

The experience of knowing

Of not blindly

But totally aware

That I’m falling

But yet unable

To combat the feeling

And not to want to either

I’ve always wanted

To joyfully

Close my eyes 

Take a deep breath

And dive

Head first

Into the world

Of selfless indulgence

Where offering me

Wasn’t a sacrifice

Nor a compromise

But an opportunity

To offer someone else

The gift

I’ve been offered

To feel the kind of love

That pulls you from sleep

As not to miss a beat

But to lie awake

Because of the warmth

Which is always around

And to make this person realize

There is more than life

There is more than heartbeats

And pulse

There is also treasures

Lying in the eyes and arms 

Of the one who loves them 

How they are to be loved

And I’ve always wanted 

To experience

What it would be like

To witness the reaction

When it was my time

To give someone that 

That gift of forever 

The love I’d always

Had to offer

To the one 

I’d always love


By dasouda