Friends Are Best

Friends make the best lovers

Once the borders are crossed

There is no turning back

Just hard work in keeping both worlds



Friends make the best partners

Opening up, sharing cares

No matter the weather or the crime

Keeping each other happy is each partner’s



Friends make the best “something else”

Just as an addition

Without disregarding previous responsibilities

The complete aim is to keep both parties



But the truth of it all

Is the patience exercised

As the tension rises

In changing the game, the pace of the friendship

And what is proven for sure

Is friends do make the best “something more”.

By dasouda


Mad at you all the time

Mad at me more

Like hero to zero in no time

Our interaction’s a volatile mix for sure

Possessed by force

Of being unmanageable

How are you able to do me so?

So unfathomable

Mad at the stars

Because you come to memory

At the first sight

Of their distant shimmery

You possess me

I’m possessed by you totally

And I get mad by that truth

That gripping reality

Mad at the phone

Whenever I miss your call

Even worse

When you didn’t bother calling at all

Mad  at my bed

No memory of you here

So I reach for you while asleep

Knowing you’re nowhere near

Mad at my body

Your memory sticks and stays

Your touch and your kisses

They never go away

Mad at reality

You are less likely to be around

And there are countless times

I’ve pulled my feet back to the ground

Mad at fairy-tales

I am still inclined to believe in 

No matter the reality checks I get

You are my Prince Charming

Mad at myself

Never at you 

Because I prayed for so long

And you are my dream come true



By dasouda