What kind of me

What kind of girl am I

To you

What kind of lady

Am I even that

What kind of woman

Do you want

Yes I am willing

To try and be that

What kind of partner

For starters

Are you seeking

And are you finding

What kind of belle

What’s your kind of beauty

I crossed all fingers

Hoping it can be me

What kind of girl am I

To you

Are you piecing the puzzle

Do I fit in

What kind of other half

Is going to make you whole

What kind of deal

Is enough to make you fold

What kind of fibre

Is going to bring you comfort

What kind of person

Are you willing to put first

What version of me

Do you want me to be

What side of me

Are you ready to see

What kind of girl

What kind of woman

What kind of lady

Do you want for a companion

That’s how far

I’m ready to go

Tell me how much

Are you ready to know

What kind of life

Do you want hereafter

I want you

For my happy ever after


By dasouda


If I could ask for anything

I’d ask for simple

Because in my mind

That’s all I don’t have

A good morning kiss

Just an alarm clock

I don’t have dinner, candle lit

More whatever is at the shops

I don’t take strolls

But spend hours at bus stops

And in traffic jams

Or on the clock

I’d likeĀ simple

Just to pan out my day

And rub my feet

To send it on its way

And when the moon’s full

I’d like to sit and chat

Reflect on the past

Give thanks for all I’ve got

If the stars fall

I’d make only one wish

All I want every night

Is a goodnight kiss

Dinner and a movie

Is always more cozy for two

Especially if its made with love

And done just for you

Simple is sweet

I know what I like

A trek to the beach

A Sunday morning hike

Simple is lying awake

With the windows and doors ajar

Listening the lizards and crickets

And people afar

Simple is using your body

For a pillow to rest my tired legs

Or falling asleep on the floor

Next to an empty bed

Simple is parking the car

Just for a change of pace

And taking a walk

To any quiet place

Simple is calming

Simple is sweet

Simple is how,

You’ll sweep me off my feet.

By dasouda