Prima Facie (at first sight)

Hello love

Yes, for the first time

Never before

Have we met

But now

As our eyes lock

Like sniper to target

My mind races

My mind goes blank

You are it

I read people

I read aura

I read body

You are the one.

You are my undefined

My undefiable

You are he who

I hadn’t searched for

He who I knew I’d find

So now I gaze

Trying helplessly

To look away

But lacking resistance

I cannot seem to garner enough


You hold me

Like hand to glove

That grip

Just as contracted

Uterine  and vaginal walls

One look

First sight

Now in love

Now enlightened

Now intuned

With a whole new world

You took me

Spirit out of body

When our eyes met

Prima facie

By dasouda

Baby, You’re Mine

Baby you’re mine

You’re for the moment

Mine alone

I haven’t told your father

Nor mine, nor anyone

I guess they will all know

In due time

My major secret

So I hide you

Behind smiles and frills

And everything I can

All night

Baby, you’re mine

When I am sick

When I am tired

When I just want to

Escape the piercing eyes

I take comfort in knowing 

I finally have found my calling

One of my future purposes

To love and take care 

Of another soul

I love you baby

Though the future is uncertain

I know I want you

I will keep you

Maybe share you

But baby, never worry

You are mine

And that’s all that matters

I love as I love myself

And as small as you are now

You will grow

Just as I did

Baby you are my enchantment

My religion

My occupation 

And I now live

Knowing you live inside of me

And you are mine

By dasouda


I’m your rum

You’re my weed

That’s why we love

Like stupid drunks

I’m high on you

You’re drunk on me

That’s all we really need

Nothing but stoned out love


Throughout the turmoils

Of you being missing

And the pains of

Not doing much, if any, kissing

I’m ready for altruism

If that gets me you

As my resistances 

Are far and few

While these sore appendages

Protruding from my chest

Are ready to be tasted 

Or simply caressed


Like an addict on opiates

Or another wonder drug

I feel, it’s all real

You are the one I need and want

No pain so sweet

My imagination

Wets my insides as I burn

No pleasure so vile

I feel you 

As I yearn


I don’t always want it

I’d be dead if I did

But when I do 

It’s a nasty rage

I have to

I need you

Inside my soul

To start this rain

That will cure the drought

I’ve been fending off

The rain that will wash me with emotions

Running like a river

Wild, free and fluid

No control, no restrictions

Just flowing 

Over fears

Over words

And all over my bed


That crazy love

That unmasked altitude

That one body

With peculiar equipment

That pins me to the wall

Glues me to the floor

Have me crawling 

Climbing, begging for more

All access, yours nonetheless

Because you hold the master key

I am your grasshopper Sensei

Teach me

By dasouda