Light Up

I’m not a cigarette
I’m not a lantern
Nor a candle
Nor a bulb
But when you are around
When you land
When you touch down
I just light up
My face radiates
My entire being illuminates
You talk and I listen
You walk and I follow
You ebb and I flow
You plant and I grow
You knock and I open
You exist and…
I just light up
It’s not a thought
It’s not a wish
It’s not even an illusion
It’s fact
Not fiction
Wherever this goes
Will be luminous
No matter when
No matter how we get there
Because you are my flame babe
Old and new
For years to come and go
I’m your rib
I’m your teammate
I’m your partner
It’s a very good chance
You are my lighter
Smile with me now
Dance with me
Drink in these memories
We are making together
You can’t be lost
I’ll show you the way
Open your eyes
And watch me
As I light up


By dasouda