Take me to that place

Where I am no longer attracted

To your words or your anything

Where your atrocities nauseate me

And I can’t conjure up

An excuse worthy of expressing

Even in thought

A place where I don’t need a distraction

To rid my mind of you

What I desire

What I need

Is to get to disenchantment

That place where

I don’t stand dazed and amazed

Just by your very existence

By your presence

By you living, breathing

I don’t want to stand, staring

Into nothingness

Mesmerized by God’s creation

A masterpiece bar none

Reminiscing of times past

When we were not just addicted

To each others every motion

Every quirk, every word

But were content, truly happy

With being each other’s

Someone, only one

Now I just want somebody

To rip the band-aide off

To administer some sort of

Emotional laxative

So I can just move on

Move away

And let you go

Take me to disenchantment

I need this for me

Where breathing won’t be

A labored puzzle

Just easy

Even if you are in my air

Let it be as if

You are not there

I want, I need


Because the opposite

This current state of opposite

Isn’t working out

For me

I have fallen in a pit

I can’t get up now

Help me out

It’s my last request

After this

You can go

Climb on your high horse

And ride off

Into the sunset

I want not to care

I want not to know you


I want to be

No longer enamored

No longer crazy for you

No longer hooked on you

My once preferred drug

I want to be happy

Take me to reasonable

And balance


I want to be no longer

Into to you

And having no desire

Of you

I want disenchantment

I want to snap out of it

Out of you

By dasouda

Missing Pieces

I am missing pieces of my heart

I have been searching for it myself

I have gone in grueling depths

Still no fragment presents itself

I’m missing valves of trust

I’m missing the muscles

That hold my faith in this life

I’m missing pieces of my heart

I’m missing my peace and my heart

I’m missing the natural flow of things

And auto-normal opening and closings

Where I open my mind

To kindness and admiration


I’m missing a piece of my heart

I’m missing a piece of my life

I don’t know why either

I’m missing the trust

I’m missing the smiles

I’m missing the solace

I’m missing a piece of my heart







By dasouda

This Is Where I Leave You

This is where the train stops

Where I cry my last tear

Where my wondering ends

When my wandering stops

This is how I leave this

This is when I leave you

This is why I leave this

This is where I leave you

Without a fight

Without protest

Without pain

Without feeling

Just before I fall again

Into you tumultuous trap

While you are gazing

Into the windows to my soul

Because you can’t love me

Not the way I have been loving you

And if I stay

You will forever be my trigger

Instead of my refuge

So on the edge of this avalanche

At the entrance of reconciliation

Just before we step into another level

Of this abyss

I am leaving

I’m running away from this

From you

From us

Before I fall for you

And fall apart

I’ll go this time

So this is goodbye


By dasouda


An incredible love

Of timeless moments

Of endless conversations

And of unbounded smiles

An ageless love

Until we’re 70

And every single second after

Our love

Your love

My love

Why love me?

Is why I love you

Because you observe the unseen

You listen to the unheard

You touch the unreachable

The unattainable heart

This love

Is not a make-a-wish love

It’s a say-a-prayer love

Not a buy-me-a-drink love

But a rest-of-my-life love

Something soberly drunken

Ripping this smile from deep


Shouting from my roots

Instead of just from the roofs

Screaming “I love you”

I can’t contain myself

This stupid, stupid love

Schoolgirl twirls

Teenage crushes

Heart skipping beats

Last thing at nights

First thing every morning

All day, everyday connection

Diamond rings?

No… it’s a pearl type of love

Timeless and sophisticated

Beautiful and enchanting

Unique and unbreakable

By dasouda