Maybe Even More

Maybe it’s that I haven’t

The right words

Or maybe mere words

Just won’t do

Maybe it’s that it’s all

Surpassed my intellect

Beyond my humanly scopes

Maybe that’s just it

Maybe you were made,

Created to enter my life

Seep through my walls

And conquer my soul

Because that’s just about

What you did

And still do

Maybe even more

Maybe it’s my eyes

That you read

And saw my sadness

The need for my life to be shared

Then being the saint you are

You had to rescue me

From my very own

Broken heart

Just, maybe

Maybe it’s all coincidental

And you and I were both

In the perfect place

At an opportune time

However near or far

These maybes are from the reality

Here’s what’s not a maybe

You are here

You’ve been for years

You’ve been many things

Friend mostly and firstly

Confidant and therapist

Lover and life saver

Patchworker and potter

And an artist with my heart

Handyman with my body

Hypnotist with my mind

Great company

And provider of a willing

Pair of ears and eyes

So maybe all my maybes

Are simply just maybes

But my facts are true

You are all you are to me

Maybe even more

My world, atleast the core

So when I say “thank you”

That’s not one of my maybes

And when I say “I love you”

There’s never a maybe to follow

But when I tell you

“Forever and a day”

I’m thinking….

“Maybe even more”

By dasouda