I don’t know how this ends

I know how it started

I woke up one day

And I was empty,

Lost and unfolding

My insides were outside

My deepest wounds exposed

I was unable to think

Straight or otherwise

Unable to look at a plate

I was dying to sleep

This emptiness away

But I couldn’t even 

Close my eyes

I was dying

I couldn’t cry

Yet I was crying inside

All of the time

I felt desperate

My heart pounding

Out of my chest

I felt uneasy

Knowing the worst 

Hadn’t come as yet

I was lost

My eye couldn’t recognize 

My current situation

I felt like screaming

But of course

I didn’t make a sound

You who I’d loved

With my heart and soul

You who I’d accepted

Just as you are

You who I had bore

My emotions to

You took the knife

You gutted me

And you slashed my spine

You crawled into my world

The secrets of my life

And just like the serpent

You played until you got bored

Then you who I loved

Who I love in spite of yourself

Instead being mine alone

Moved on with someone else

I thought I was empty

But I was so wrong

I am full of everything

Full of anger

Raging red

Full of dirt

Full of the lies you told

And of your pretense

Full of what I believed

What I bought

From what you sold

I am weak

About to implode

From wearing out

Full of you

I’m growing old

By the minute

Full of darkness

An unseeing gloom

Full of pride

To let anyone else know

But how much longer

Can I hold on

To being full 

Any moment now

I will break and fall

The crystal statue

Will melt like ice

The Ice Princess

Will break like glass

And just like fine china

When I’m gone

I can’t be restored 

So another won’t get

What you had before

By dasouda