Out of the Mist

I wasn’t thinking of you

You were nowhere close to mind

But there you were

The way I remember you being

Just appearing out of the mist

Like sunshine after the clouds are blown away

You came out of nothing

Not a thought

Not a word

Not an action

You only came because I needed you to

The way I remember you

And as always I was no longer perplexed

No longer agitated

No longer saddened

No longer beside myself

Alas, I was back at one

Restarted and renewed

Rejuvenated just because

You appeared

Like you always do

As if my mind’s voice screamed for you

As if my heart cried out, beckoning you

And like a good soldier

You answered my call

So there you were

Without words

Without excuses

Without any form of  inhibition

Just the way I remembered you being

Just the way I liked you

Out of the blue

Out of the mist you appeared

I awoke from my sleep

And there you were

By dasouda