Birthday Expression 1.0

For what gift have I received that means more?

For what moment have I shared that amounts to more?

You are my person

You are my king

You are my God’s given

You are my everything

We will gain

We will lose

We will experience

We will choose


But we will have each other

You are my gift

Any other gift

Is just a plus

I love you

I wish there was more

I could do

Or say

But for now,

My love

Happy birthday 😘


By dasouda

Birthday Words

Another year.

So much has happened

Plenteous and continuous

How can you count your blessings

You truly can’t

But if you could

It would be like the stars

Promised to Abraham

Shining as a beacon of hope

Reminding us like Noah’s rainbow

God’s words never go void

What He says

He does

No buts, no ifs, no maybes

And He did promise

No abandonment

Provision for all needs

According to His riches

So what’s next?

You may ask that




For TBW 12.06.18

By dasouda