White Walker

out of the mist

of a cold

lonely time

just like the mystic

white walker

you came

and stole my pain

I was so focused

on how blue

and dark


and deserted

my world was

there was no


no light

no joy

no warmth

no peace

just torment

and I

so evasive

so enigmatic

was no easy


but there you


and like a tree

there you


once you entered

full of need

to dominate

my entire world

casting light

on my


giving life

to my

forgotten wishes

and deciding

comes what may

I am now

your territory

to settle

to protect

to nurture

and so

you have

and so

you continue to

and here I am

o white walker

giving you

full reigns

of this state


to the roads

and tracks

and alleys

it is all yours

to seek

to discover

to take



By dasouda