Sunrise (for my good friend Luke)



Over the mountain

Across the seas

The sun awaits

To appear in the east

To lift its rays

Above those thin clouds

And show the universe

It has no bounds

Just light to share

In those dark corners

Giving untamed warmth

Across all borders

Sunrise, the sun rises

And the world awakens

A new day, a new chapter

New steps to be taken

Over the hillside

Just beyond your scope

The sun begins to rise

To grant you new hope.


By dasouda

only God

Only God could have
listened to my prayers
and send me you

no engineer would have
engineered our coming together
no producer, could have
produced the scene “us”
only God could have
only He would have
no monk would have been
so patient
no saint would have been
willing to sacrifice
but who has got the sense of humor
surely only God.

who would have thought?
no intellectual
who would have conspired?
no schemer
only God would have…

now we’re here
stuck with each other
logically realizing
there’s no sense in fighting each other
since we can’t fight God

now who could have
chosen my friend
and made him my love
only God

only God would have
thought of you,
the one who hangs like framed portraits
on the walls of my mind

I love you

By dasouda

Happy Valentine

Candies, rose
Candles, who knows?
We maybe could have
Gone all out
Or just have gone out
But I would have settled
For the gift of quiet company
And sweet, tender kisses
I got nothing,
Not even, “happy valentine”.

Making plans
Would hurt my heart
Just to see them erased
By another work night
And overtime
So I in turn settle
For the time you make available
And the times we steal
I get little
Sometimes just, “happy valentine”.

Some may say
That cannot be enough
But for me
That is so, so much
Or maybe just as I expected
So in comfort I’ll settle
For the peace and joy
Of you as my guy
I have everything
By having you as my sweet valentine.

By dasouda

Backseat Business

A cold night, black

Yet sweats ran down our backs

Formula for the flu

But what could our bodies do?

Intertwined from tongues to toes

While the textile rubbed at our skin exposed


A cold night, quiet

Except where we were

Fogged up windows

Of a heat filled car

Pleasure cries, escaped knowingly

Not many would hear

A gasp, a sigh, a shudder

And the sex-filled air


A cold night, calm

We were in each others arms

We gazed at the stars 

Through the moonroof of the car

And what else did we have to do

But turn over for round two 😉Image

By dasouda

I miss you more

I get up

I get dressed

I make my way

Through daily rituals

Yet all I truly consider

Is how much it aches

You said you’d miss me

I’m sure I miss you more


I settle in

Trying to rest

Taking all as easy as I can

I curl my toes

Crick my back

Twitch my nose, awkwardly

All I truly desire is your company

Knowing now, I do miss you moreImage

By dasouda