By The Waters

I sat by the brook

Engrossed in thinking

Of times past

I was lonely

I was alone

But the waters

O what soothing company

A plethora of thoughts

Mangled into one huge mass

Had me perplexed

My weary bones

My restless flesh

Wished for alleviation

From this tiredness

Life, o strange experience

Life, this beautiful mess

I contemplated it all

Seated by the still waters

By the rivers of Babylon

Where I sat down

Trying unsuccessfully

To wash my mind

Of yesterday

In anticipation of


📸 capture876
By dasouda

Walking with Grace

There was a journey I had to take

That scared me white, lifeless

But you held my hand, smiled and said

“This is easier with another”

You are that glue, stubborn glue

That can’t be washed away

You stuck with me through hard and harder

You never bent, broke or frayed

And thinking of all my life

Those moments small and great

The ones I wish to remember

You always were here to celebrate

You’re not only kind

You love with your all

You’re patient and supportive

Even when you shouldn’t you take the call

You’re what a woman should be

Solomon’s version

You are light, you are persistent

You are grace, in person

Your challenges are inspirational

Because you take them on with class

Your wins are motivating

You conquer and you outlast

Life throws you sour

And sometimes that brings tears

But your trust is in the Most High

He is the only One you fear

You continue to color the lives

Of so many souls

You brighten worlds

You lighten loads

You smile and laugh

And celebrate with many

And likewise mourn with the mourners

And help the fallen change their story

You pray for the faint

Hold their hands in body and spirit

And there are days I admit

You do not get what you merit

But nothing changes between us

Only time and space

And when I’m overwhelmed by this journey

I’m still walking with you, Grace

By dasouda