If I

If I were a writer

I’d write a story of us

Where we never met

Where we never touched

And if I were a painter 

A masterpiece I’d create

Of either of us

On different hemispheres

If I were a chemist

I’d make the “forget you” drug

To erase you out of my mind

And me out of yours

If I were a healer

I’d heal you first

Then heal my heart later

Though my wound is worse

But if I had a genie

My first wish would be

To get over this pain

By wish number three

You did me as much wrong 

As I did to you

So I know you’re hurting

As bad as I am too

If I was a sculptor

Or a carver or a blacksmith

I’d use the talents I have

To fix all this

But there’s no fixing

No reworking, no patching up of this one

You did it, so did I

The damage is already done

I’m now writing these words

Telling you my wish

Hoping you’d see

How much I regret all of this

I’ve poisoned your life

And painted a dark present for you

Carved you a heart of stone

All by being untrue

You’re just you

And I, only me

But if I could do anything about us

“We” would have never been.

By dasouda

Watches and Time

Time flies like the wind

On a stormy night

When our bodies intertwine

Who would have known?

Who could have predicted

Us, we, me and you

Lying, with only our skins between us

Both hearts racing

From all that crazy love making

Shortened breathing just from reminiscing

One can only imagine

What an experience?

What a method?!

Such sweet therapy

I may be young

But this could last forever

Triple fuse blow out

Breathless, senseless

I couldn’t care less

All I know is you and I

Are laying here

Unable to decipher place

Uncertain of the time

As we both lay

Naked as truth

Wearing nothing but our watches




I Love Him

I love him for him

I love him all the time

When he’s chatty

When he’s funny

When he’s serious

When he’s kind

When he’s focused

Or real calm and I know he’s thinking

When he stares like I’m not there

Lost in thought, no blinking.


I love him for his values

I love him for his dreams

I love him for his time he spends with me

I love him for his persistence

I love him for being the boss

I love him for his friendship

Through the years, it has truly lasted.


I love his ways

I love his means

And I love his “know how”

I love his pillow talk

And I love watching him sleep

Those moments of in-animation

And lack of facial expression

I love those little things

I know his past I love him still

As it adds to his appeal

I love his quirky smile

And his nonchalant answers

When he has no answers

I love his respect

And I love his tact

I love him acting cool

Though I know it’s all an act


I love all this

Because I got to stop and stare

To think and reason

And in the end I found him still there

We were kids

And there was honest love

We grew older and so did our love

Now we’re here, thick as thieves

I’m his girl, and he’s for me

My love never changes

Even on the off days

I love him for him

My friend, my very best friend

I love him as much for me,

As I do for him 🙂

Rain Over

Rain over me

Rain away

I bet you wouldn’t

Even know what to say

If I had asked for your time

A hour out of your day

Because your thoughts of gifts

Are metals, stones and negligee

Yet my best of times

And my worst of times

Have all been in your time

Now the time is mine

Smooth sailing is how we started

Now there are only turbulences

I have given you enough

Enough of my everything

Now there isn’t any me left for you

You reigned over my life

Now it is a past venture

So rain away

And end this torture

My shores are about to kiss my hills

The walls all slowly

Are closing in

There is no space

No room within

Just rain away

And stop my tears from raining

Rain away

End this wound from bleeding

The further you go

The less my heart will ache

So rain away

Flood another’s life

As of today

By dasouda

Remind Me

The sky is still blue

A darker shade

Deep and melancholic

No longer alive

Yet its filled with

Little drops of hope


To remind me


The river no longer rushes

Heavily downstream

Yet there’s a trickle

A little trail

Where once was

A lively body

Still going

To remind me


The weeds have grown

Outgrowing the roses

The lilies are dead

The ivies lost

Now some buds bloom

Atop the tall grass

Reaching for sunlight

To remind me


You are still there

I am here

There is so much unresolved

Between us both

And I miss everything

From your breath

To your touch

While my heart aches

…….. To remind me

By dasouda

Falling (a dedication for my friend R. Bishop)

I’m falling

Without an ounce of restriction

I’ve given all boundaries away

Falling freely

Hoping openly

That you will just look my way

Gently falling

Yet with such speed

I’m about to drown

In your dangerous beauty

Falling for you

Failing to hold on

To anything

Or even anyone

I’m falling into the unknown

But I’m so curious

I just have to carry on

Diving, flying, floating

All in one

O what splendor?

I’m screaming from my lungs

What have you done?

Never have I ever

Been done like this

Never has any element of life

Or even after-life

Had such demand and command

On my emotions

On my thought processes

On my reaction

To anything

Or anyone

I am falling

Falling into a deep unkown

Falling from reality

Falling from all that is

Falling into your oblivious command.

By dasouda

There’s A Yellow Flower (for Andre)

There’s a yellow flower
Planted just outside my window
I stare at it
To think of you
Its all by itself, so outstandingly bright
Uplifting and lonesome too
It sways with the wind at times
Like you sometimes go with the flow
A good and bad trait
As you already know
Its not flamboyant, no extravagance
And I love you that way
I cherish that yellow flower
As if I planted it there
Easing into caretaker mode
So that it’ll feel the love at times
You came into my life,
I made you mine
The yellow flower always
Brings me a smile
Just as you’ve never failed to bring

That hint of sunshine

And when I’m out in the yard
Just roaming at times
This flower just shows up
And you come to mind
There are other flowers
All over this place
Some are sweet
Some sway with such grace
Some bloom with incomparable beauty
Some tickle my ankles everyday
Some are wild
Some just get in my way
But my little yellow flower
So strong, outlasting many seasons
I see that flower, I think of you
For all these many reasons

By dasouda

We’re Still Growing

Another day, its another year
And another bottle of rum
Cheers to weekends
Cheers to year ends
Cheers to anniversaries
Another milestone
On this journey, life
Many events have been experienced
Many more witnessed
Some I live hoping for a replay
Some I relish and cherish
Some I hate as much as I hated
But can only wish to forget
Hey, but we’re still growing
I can only be thankful
I’ve lived through them all
So I am still the winner
A warrior princess
A Xena of This Life
Small feet and a big heart
Great dreams in little me
Bursting at the seams
With love, and faith, and joy
Waiting to exhale
Always cognisant
I am still growing
Wherever I hail from
Whatever star fell
And landed me on this earth
I know they’re missing me
In the greater universe
So I look out my windows at nights
Smiling at them
Knowing that mama moon
Loaned me to mother earth
To share what’s innate
Hope, love, grace, peace
And I am growing still
“No tear without a reason”
One of my many mantras
But they’re mostly tears of joy
Of being proud to have shared
Someone else’s joy
Or witnessing another’s dream
Come true
Or finding love
In an unconventional place
Tears of realising how real and beautiful
Most things in life are
Of being opportune to stop, see, smell and even taste
The roses
Or being in situations that brings goose pimples
Or tickles upwards my spine
Or catching myself smiling
From a cherished memory
Hoping it’ll be a memory still
When I am too old
To remember other important things
Knowing I am still growing
And my dreams are still many
My outlook still remains
My values steadfast
My hope, as great as my love
And the people I call
“my people”
They still hang around
As I still hang on to them
I love my family
I love my friends
I love myself
So while I make my mark
In sharing life as it evolves
With them
I try my best
To take care knowing always
We’re all still growing
In unique and different ways
Some more ways than others
Yet growth is progress
As it is progressive
And we’re still growing

By dasouda