Crooked Smile

I’m a girl with a crooked smile, who laughs and cries in the same “while”
The girl with the open arms, giving and showing, and sharing my warmth
The girl with the happy heart, helplessly hopeful, right from the start
The girl with the sunny skies, keeping my distance from hurts and lies

I’m the one who used to obey, not knowing what path to take, but going anyway
The one who had to cry, everytime someone chose to say goodbye
The one carrying this pain, even now still, the impact remains
The one hiding her horror, of not being certain what is in store for our tomorrow

I’m socially inept at times, but I’m thinking that is all fine
I won’t fit in a mold, because I have been already exposed to the cold
I am the one who would leave, all that I have, and to one cleave
I’m the girl, her smile broken, by so many things, I have not spoken.
By dasouda