There are these scars

That I carry

Like a limb

Although they are from so far

In my past

And it seemed like forever

Before I could lay them down

I waited, desperately

For my present to be pleasant

For my days to have sunshines

For my heart not to hurt

For my mind not to be so…


I felt tortured

And tormented and perplexed


The pain seeped through my pores

The hurt poured through my veins

And I, burdened

Hoped for my life to change

I needed a renewal

I was nervous

But as I hoped

I waited

Tired, of being so


Peace joy love

Finally got a hold of me

I was at the edge

In need of saving

Now I am lifted

A hand reached out

In my darkness

And tugged

At the strings of my heart

Taking me to a new high

I’ve leveled up

After being down for so long

No longer am I weighted

By dasouda