Grace felt my torment

And saw I needed peace

Grace allowed me time to grow

And then grace sent you to me

For all the misfortunes I faced

Grace was fully aware

Then with a series of orchestrations

Grace placed you right here

It isn’t like a movie

Yet this is real romantic drama

Your presence in my life

Shows grace had a chat with karma

I’m read to spend my forever

Planning, partaking and mending

I’m ready for the future

Never ending

Grace caught my sad tears

For seasons countless in the past

I know grace is just as thrilled

To witness my happy tears at last

By dasouda

Out Of Time

I’m running out of time

There’s still a lot left undone

The clock is winding down

On me

How am I to fulfill

All that’s left to do

Time’s running out

On me

To be lonely ad unloved

The time where my thoughts

Are alone

With me

When there’s no-one there

To want to listen

Or care enough to care

Just me

Time has caught up with me

My solitary confinement

No longer a real reality

Of me

There is a looming

Total eclipse 

Already destined for me

Yes me

I’m running out of time

Of having no-one there

To place my body against

Just so I’d not fall

I’m almost out of “free-to-fall” time

Now there’s a reason looming

Why I’ll be happy

For my immediate smile

It’s the joy of realizing¬†

I’m now out of time


By dasouda