Dear Diary 09/24/19…

So it’s the final days of September 2019. I never imagined I would be doing any of what I am doing now but here I am, in a foreign country welcoming my second Fall and of course bracing for another winter. Mind you I am all Caribbean, not a foreign bone exists in my body, so as rain set up I get cold. Now imagine heading out to catch the bus at 6am when the weather app on my phone keeps displaying single digit temperatures. Jah know star…

Jamaica is my home, wherever I may roam, Jamaica my pretty island. Sigh, whenever I think of how I stepped in that plane in boiling sun hot and landed in frigid snow I just shake my head, inna real life! But they always say, heights of great men (and yes, women) reach and kept was not attained by sudden flight. So whatever the basket you get, carry your water because it’s a today’s investment for tomorrow’s cash out.

And some may even wonder why I did this, because in all honesty I was fine as fine goes before I uprooted my family of deux and made the trod. But as the saying goes, “Father has his own, mother has her own, blessed is the child who has his (her) own”. I haven’t seen the big break as yet, but I have testimonies of how many changes and challenges I have faced but life is bigger than one or a few experiences. And I am determined to grow and glow up while in the land of the living.

So until next time, walk good. As for me, Winter is coming!

By dasouda

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