Even if all this

Even if this is not the first time
It’s our first time
And that’s all that matters

Even if it’s not the perfect place
It’s our place
Nowhere else would be better

Even if we have seen many things
Or done many things
This was love at first glance

Even if we’ve crossed paths before
This is our time now
So it’s perfect timing for us

Even if you have loved before
Even if I have had my heart broken
Even if we are unsure of what will happen
Even if this is new
Even if I feel like running scared
Even if you have to put your trust in me
Even if I have to pray for you everyday
Even if this is a surprise
Even if your touch wakes me up
Even if I keep hoping I am enough
Even if we don’t know
Even if you move fast
Even if I wish to move slow
Even if this was just another story
Even if there weren’t any fault in our Stars
Even if I didn’t need you like the air that rises and falls my chest
Even if you and I didn’t know that we are now in love

It wouldn’t matter
It’s already done
I’m already yours
And you, mine

By dasouda

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